What is the Project Build Giveaway #2?

Customized 1995 Toyota Supra Hardtop + $5000 cash! 


Details on the car 

1995 Toyota Supra Hardtop Na / Auto 

  • JDM 2JZ-GTE engine swap
  • Front Mount Intercooler 
  • Aluminum Radiator and electric fans 
  • Aem 340lph fuel pump 
  • Aem Digital Boost and Air Fuel Gauges 
  • Double Din Radio 
  • Coilovers
  • 18in wheels

Mods over the next few weeks

  • Full paint respray 
  • manual transmission 
  • Garrett Single turbo
  • standalone ecu 
  • Injectors
  • Custom downpipe / exhaust 
  • Bc Racing Coilovers 
  • maintenance items and other goodies! 


The car will look and perform very different in a few weeks so be sure to stay up to date on the videos to keep up with what's going on with it! 




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