Project Build Giveaway #1

We built and gave away this awesome 1996 Nissan 240sx! We documented the build , while swapping this beautiful S14 with a 2JZGTE VVT-I paired with a single Garrett turbo. Coming at just over 400whp this car was the perfect street car! Thomas now enjoys this beautiful masterpiece!


Track Pack Giveaway!

We built the ultimate starter track pack with an outfitted 2001 Ford F250, BMW 328i, and trailer. Ben was able to take this package home to and enjoy a new daily as well as a weekend track/drift car. 



Project Build Giveaway #2

Everyone's dream car? This Hardtop Turbo Toyota Supra was Andy's dream come true. We completed a single turbo conversion with a single Garret GTX turbo and 6 speed swap. Andy Hoang from Boise,ID was the winner of this beautiful masterpiece.  


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